Yes, the problem isnot merely with April Muranos... these to even today nonetheless have the same transfer-case design flaw. Called the service section and was instructed to eliminate the air indicator is covered and expose by the air cleaner while in the intake pipe. It is a very important factor to have dilemma is known by a with a style, it's another to profit at the customer's expenditure from the problem.

Anyone who has an Indication failure on account of tension sensor and flawed layout please post your issue to this site: This will be the national highway travel safety management and relates to such security issues and makers that not need to acknowledge defects inside their goods. Despite the fact that they didn't cover the transfer case, I nevertheless filled out the paperwork and directed it in for refund. The attacks warranty does not address the transfer case see the horror tales submitted within this community alone.

They said that they are able to direct me to a different indication mechanic who would restore the car and they might simply address $400.00 of the fixes. Goodluck, with a lot of others having issues, ensure the vendor understands this dilemma and make it is covered by sure they are! And that they both realize that you will find problems with this CVT Transmission plus it appears like cover letter perfectly that neither include the price for these issues and of them will intensify. It is a big disappointment not really a event that is unique or warning which is because of transmission process layout. I believe that a the indication design is superior, nevertheless the protection aspect is may be little.